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Can I see a mortgage broker after hours?

Your Cosimfree Home loans mortgage broker works around your busy schedule. You can ring contact us any day of the week and the phones are on from early to late every day. Because buying a home can be stressful we know you will be reassured when you can call any time to speak with your lending expert.
Now that’s service! When would you like to see us?

How can our consultation be free?

The LENDER pays us.
That simple! And it is no cheaper for you to go direct to the bank yourself. Why? We are like sub-contractors. We are cost effective to the banks. We are not employees, so we are not paid wages, holiday pay, sick pay nor superannuation.
We are a cost effective way for banks to lend money. So, everybody wins!

How long will it take to settle my property investment loan?

This does depend on the lender we choose. Some are faster than others. It can depend on how organised you are too!

At Cosimfree Home Loans we aim to do things better, faster and more efficiently. As well as a broker, you will have a dedicated file manager and settlements team working for you. This is our point of difference!

We will seek the fastest approvals possible so you can open the champagne and begin celebrating. You’ll have a finance clause and we will want to beat it, not just meet it… every time! Because we want to get you the most competitive home or property investment loan, approval may take a week or so. But then being in a long queue for the best loan is better than being in a short queue for the worst! That said, we want you to be a fan of the Cosimfree Home Loan service, so we will work our tails off to get your loan approved as quickly as possible.
We are quick!

Why should I use a home loan broker?

With hundreds of home loan products available – that are constantly changing – we will make a complex process easy to understand. We will listen to your needs to select the most suitable and competitive home loans from our panel of lenders using our latest mortgage software, and we will guide you through the mortgage maze at a time that suits you. All Cosimfree Home Loans brokers hold a Diploma of Financial Services as a minimum qualification and we are members of the MFAA. Our professional accreditation and educational holdings make us leaders in the industry.
So you can choose with confidence!

Will you be there after my loan has settled?

Our key phrases are “Committed to your future” and “Client for life”. Committed to your future is our promise. We want to be your personal mortgage broker and assist you with your first home loan, your first investment property loan and your last investment property loan. We will be there every step of the way! Client for life is what we ask you to be and we’ll earn this privilege with our expertise, lending knowledge, customer service and integrity. You can contact us via our website, email, or phone any day and every day. If you have a question or query about your loan we will be waiting to assist you. After-sales service is something we’re proud of. We will even conduct FREE annual home loan health checks to ensure you continue to be a satisfied client.
We’re committed to your future, so you become a client for life.