Structuring Your Loan

Choosing the right homeĀ loan can prove as difficult as finding the right property. We can at least simplify the finance process for you. Cosimfree Home Loans provides our clients with effective loan repayment strategies to reduce the term of their loans and save money.

We willingly seek to work with your account or financial adviser to ensure your loan structure most effectively complements your financial purposes.

Mortgage Calculator

Here is an easy way for you to calculate your repayments. Discover how paying more can reduce your loan term by many years and reduce the total cost of your loan.

Your Repayments Will Be...

If you can pay more each repayment, you can reduce the term of your loan.

Enter how much you would like to repay each period.

Disclaimer - This loan calculator is for demonstration purposes only and as it is not possible to predict future interest rates, it assumes that the interest rate quoted will remain constant for the period of the loan. If interest rates increase you will be required to make the new repayment and this will ensure that your loan will be paid out in the same time frame. If interest rates fall and you continue with the same repayments your loan will be paid out sooner. All figures quoted including reduction of the loan term are estimates only and the existence of a print out does not constitute a loan approval in any way. The applicant's capacity to borrow remains subject to the standard qualifying criteria and lending policies that apply from time to time with our lending institutions.