We simplify your home loan and assist you with the First Home Owners Grant.

You often have the most questions and you are quite often the most excited home buyers. The team at Cosimfree Home Loans gets a buzz helping you! We allow extra time for the first home buyer loan interview to make sure all your questions are answered.

We aim to find you a suitable home loan in Geelong, and right across Australia – and we also assist you with your First Home Owners Grant. To make your first home loan more affordable, we specialise in discounted interest rate loans, Professional Packages, honeymoon rates and no-frills loans.

Don’t worry if your parents have ever said “Don’t ever ask me to be your Guarantor!!!” These days there are “Limited Guarantees” making it easier for people to help. Whatever it takes we shall find the most affordable loans and repayments to meet your budget. These have become increasingly popular and can save you many dollars!

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First Home Owners Grant

Changes to first home buyer grants and concessions are changing all the time. We will help you stay on top of the benefits you are eligible for with our free professional advice. To receive the Grant you must satisfy various eligibility requirements. Furthermore, only certain types of transactions are eligible to receive it. Talk to our first home loans specialists to find out whether you are eligible.