Effective Borrowing for Property Investment in Australia and Internationally

At Cosimfee Home Loans in Geelong, we understand the advantages of interest only loans for all property investors. We know what good debt and bad debt means.

We can work with you and your accountant to employ strategies that reduce your bad debt rapidly so you get benefit from the good debt. It comes from knowing what investors want and which loans can get you to where you are going. We can even teach you about ‘Interest in Advance’ loans! Now, that’s something you don’t hear about often!

You might have all your cash tied up in your home. How do you pay a deposit on your investment property? We can assist with deposit bonds so that you can make that property purchase when cash is not at hand. This is another investment strategy that will make your accountant say, “At last, a broker who understands and works for my client!”

And you can increase your property knowledge with our FREE Property Reports.

Investment Property Finance

Choosing the right investment loan can prove as difficult as finding the right investment property. We can at least simplify the finance process for you.

Our Geelong-based mortgage brokers have so much to offer property investors across Victoria and Australia-wide. Contact us and become a client for life today.