Servicing nation-wide

Our range of quality lenders means a great rate for you. No matter whether you’re looking for a competitive property investment loan or first home buyers loan in Geelong, the experienced team at Cosimfree Home Loans works with leading and reliable lenders across Victoria and Australia to find the best option for our clients.

Could I Just Go Direct?

Yes you could, but we can often get a better deal for you, even from your own bank! And, we are available outside of bank hours for your convenience. Plus, as we work for you and not one bank, we select from many lenders rather than sell just one. And our loan consultation is a fee-free service!

How We Help?

  • We work for YOU not the bank!
  • As award-winning mortgage brokers, we deal direct with the lenders’ Head Office, not the branches.
  • We don’t ‘sell a loan’, we select a loan based on your requirements.
  • We provide one central point of contact, seven days a week, including after hours.
  • Big banks move slowly and we chase up so your money is there when you need it. We aim for the quickest loan approvals and timely settlement.
  • When you need finance in the future, we know you and have your details on file, so it’s a simple process.
  • Finance is personal and we provide a very personal service.

Cosimfree Home Loans is based in Geelong, working with home loan lenders across Australia